Office Cleaning Midstream Centurion
Office Cleaning Caution Sign Centurion Midstream

Office Cleaning

We provide trained cleaners to do office cleaning in Centurion, Midstream and Midrand These cleaners are available on an ‘as and when required’ basis. Their duties include:

  • Vacuuming of carpets
  • Empty dustbins
  • Wash Floors
  • Clean Desks
  • Sanitise PC’s and phones, using special cloths that we provide.
  • Clean and sanitise kitchen, stove, fridge and toilets
  • Wash windows, stoeps and balconies
  • Carry out any other duties as instructed by the Office Manager

Our cleaners will not switch off any plugs or touch any PC that is switched on. Documents on desks will be removed in a certain order, the desk cleaned and the documents put back in the same order as when removed. Our range of cleaning products work exceptionally well in an office set up and we highly recommend usage.

Office Cleaning services are provided in Midstream & Centurion