Pro Clean Cleaning Products

Covid-19 Sanitizing Services

We provide effective Covid 19 sanitizing Services to: Homes, Offices, Shops, Schools, and Warehouses.

Pro Clean Cleaning Products

Our Undertaking

Our service is a combination of sterilizing and preventative measures supported through the use of the best products currently available on the market.

Pro Clean Cleaning Products
Pro Clean Cleaning Products

What we sterilize


Desk tops, chairs, phones, computer key boards, floor covers, floors, door handles, drawer handles, toilets, wash basins and taps, staff lockers and kitchens.


Scullery, pantry, cupboard handles, food prep. areas, stove tops, oven doors, fridge and freezer doors and handles, micro wave ovens, kettles, bathrooms and toilets, remotes, table tops and chairs, living room furniture, carpets and floors.


Shelving, outer cartons, fork lifts, stock moving equipment, staff quarters, floors, offices.


Desks, chairs, floors, walls, cupboards, training aids, doors and handles, floors and toilets.